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I don’t like the iPhone

This is in response to: Engadget. And about Japanese schoolgirls. And I’m NOT holding on to an iPhone. (I took this photos when I’m super sick btw, I’m now just waiting for my chicken soup) You know, I don’t have an iPhone. What?!! Yes I have everything else Apple, a unibody MacBook, two iPod Touches, an AirPort Express, and no… Read more →

Talk to me iPod

Apple recently released the new iPod Shuffle one week before the iPhone OS 3.0 Event. I really liked the design of the previous shuffles, but I guess the design had to go somewhere – read, smaller. And if you can’t put a colored OLED in there…  You make it talk. Retro-style. Like a robot talking to you at night or… Read more →

Apple the black Sheep

I could write a lot of things about Apple. I own an Apple MacBook, two iPod Touches, an Airport Express. Been to two Apple WWDCs and the Leopard Tech Talk. But today I’m just going to talk about why Apple succeeded. The first Apple I owned was a Macintosh Classic, then it was the LC630, somewhere in between there was… Read more →

New iMac Line with a lower entry point

You’ve got to hand it to the marketing behind Apple. Over the last couple of weeks, couple of their machines got an upgrade to the oh-thats-not-so-great response from the press and public. Lately people have come to expect to-the-sky limits from Apple. The woes of great expectations. So was it a coincidence that Apple leaked a 17-inch iMac to the… Read more →